KDSP 14 – Discussions & Children?

Time: A very, very long time later, on a certain night

Location: An oversized double bed in a certain palace

Shiloh suddenly asked Tammy, “Back then… If I really hadn’t done anything… Would you really have refused to see me ever again?”

Tammy’s eyes were wide, “How could that be?! Is that what you think of Tammy? !! Am I the kind of person who gives up easily?!! I definitely, definitely would have kept bothering you alllllllll the time!”

Shiloh pulled Tammy into his arms and dropped a gentle kiss onto Tammy’s hair. He laughed and asked, “Really?”

Tammy harrumphed twice and said proudly, “Of course! You already provoked me, so you shouldn’t even think about getting away again! You should just resign yourself to being this dragon’s man!”

Shiloh still had a smile on his face when he flipped Tammy underneath him.

Yes… My Highness Dragon.


Time: One morning after marriage

Location: On the same bed as before

Tammy frowned and seemed to be thinking about something.

Shiloh pulled him into his arms and couldn’t help rubbing his hair, “What are you thinking about so seriously?”

Tammy blinked, “I’m thinking about a very serious question.”

“You were originally a dragon and now you’re a man. I’m now a dragon and sometimes I can become a person. In that case––”

Tammy’s tone was very calm, “Would our child be human or a dragon?”

Shiloh thought about it, “Maybe they would be a dragon? The dragon’s genes are rather powerful, and they won’t be bullied if they’re a dragon.”

Tammy looked at him quietly and didn’t say a word.

Shiloh casually placed the fruit next to him in Tammy’s hands. He seemed to think for a moment, then said, “But perhaps they would be a dragon that can transform into human from birth. I think it would be great that way. If they can be both human and dragon, they won’t have nobody to play with.”

When Shiloh was a dragon, only Tammy played with him.

When Tammy saw that Shiloh was being so serious, he became a little shy and couldn’t help asking another question, “… Will you give birth, or will I?”

Shiloh said, “I’ll do it. You’re afraid of pain.”

Tammy had originally just been speaking hypothetically and casually started the topic. He hadn’t expected Shiloh to be so serious. Could it be that…

Tammy blinked dazedly, his eyes glowing with a strange light. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and asked, “… Shiloh, you… can you really have a baby?”

Shiloh looked quietly at Tammy, then said calmly, “How about we give it a try? Although I’ll have the baby, this has nothing to do with our positions.”


Tammy rubbed his waist and looked indignant, “Shiloh! I feel like you’re playing tricks on me!”

“I didn’t.”

“How come you kicked up such a big fuss about having a baby when you clearly can’t give birth?”

Shiloh: “Because you were asking about it.”

I answered, because you asked.

Tammy blushed all of a sudden. He timidly leaned up and kissed Shiloh again, “… I forgive you.”

Inside Shiloh’s heart:

Well… Also––teasing Tammy was really fun.

xiin: the end! hope you all enjoyed it~ i totally fell in love with Tammy ❤

24 thoughts on “KDSP 14 – Discussions & Children?

  1. You do not fool me Shiloh did it with all the intention of enjoying the process, even knowing that there would be no results 😈. … It is the sweetest story about a dragon that I have read, I really would have liked to see baby dragons. 😆

    Thank you very much for the beautiful story ❤❤

    Liked by 10 people

  2. A few days later on the same bed:
    Shiloh: Where’d this egg come from?!
    Tammy in tears: You Liar! You said you’d be the one giving birth! That hurt so much! I thought my butt was going to explode!

    Liked by 14 people

  3. My question is that if they are cuddling and Tammy is still a drago… then Who are the people he kills every time? Or did I read wrong and he only needed to do it once?


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